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Say what you need to say already!

I was hanging out with a couple of friends this weekend at a bar in Brooklyn. The decor at this place is very industrial, i.e., unfinished… exposed brick… messy cemented corners (details that will prove important to this story).

So… one of my friends said something hilarious...which my friends tend to do—I mean, I don't hang out with "dullards"—and it sent my head back in a big laugh, smacking into the hard unfinished cement corner and then,

Woah… I saw sparks!

When I got home, I couldn’t help but think of Natasha Richardson and her tragic skiing accident. So, I slapped an icepack onto my head and sat down to write a few letters. They all started a bit like this—

“So… I hit my head tonight and if I don’t wake up tomorrow, I just wanted you to know how much you mean to me… [etc. etc.]”

The moral of the story:

Organize your relationships...right now!

What are you not saying? Do you have unfinished business? Do the people that matter most know how important they are to you? Tell them!

And as the song says… Say what you need to say.