Gaining Space
Coaching for a Clutter-Free Life
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ready to upgrade your home and your relationship?

What would it be like if you could start living in a home that is beautiful and clean?

How would your life, your love, your relationship, and even your work...change if your home were more organized and peaceful?

How would you feel if you could totally relax and enjoy your home?

How would getting your home in order impact your relationship?

What would change for you two? How would you interact?

What would you accomplish if you were more organized and productive?

How would your life be better?

You’ve tried other things in the past and they didn't work

(Binge-watched all of the Marie Kondo show on netflix, perhaps?)

You’ve read all the organizing and productivity books and thought about what “brings you joy” but you haven’t gotten anywhere. Maybe you threw out “50 things” or did a 33-item wardrobe challenge, but you haven’t experienced lasting results.

Clutter coaching will teach you HOW to create a well-functioning home, one that supports the ambitious goals and dreams you have for your life and your relationship.

you’ll both see results and changes in your life after just ONE session with me!

“You can't just read about this stuff in a book. After coaching with Christine, so much has changed. I confronted my clutter demon, and the power of my mess is diminishing. I now have the mental tools to help myself, I know what to do to get organized, and I learned that I am NOT powerless. Clutter will never take over my life again!” 

—Michael, New York, NY

Welcome to your new home

The clutter and disorganization that you’re experiencing now will never take over your life again. You will learn new tools and be empowered to make positive changes in your home, yourself, your relationship, and even your business.

You’ll learn my step-by-step process, organizing systems, as well as the practical and mental tools to get organized and get things done.

It’s your time —

Time to live a happier, more organized, More productive life!

Let's develop a strategy to get you organized today

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see how 30 minutes on the phone with me can revolutionize your home, your relationship, and your life!