Gaining Space
Coaching for a Clutter-Free Life


Gaining Space, Coaching for a Clutter-Free Life
Professional Organizing and Clutter Coaching for Couples

Stop wanting to kill each other and learn to live together better! I'll teach you how to get organized and live together, in more peace and calm.

Christine Kell, Certified Relationship Coach and Feng Shui Practitioner


Is clutter Putting a major strain on your relationship?

OK, so you two have some basic routines down:  I mean you get your teeth brushed every day, you manage to dress yourself well, and if you have kids, they're not starving — you fed them this morning! Right? ;)

But nobody really understands all the stuff you have to do. They don’t get that there is just not enough time to do it all.... Nobody really knows how frazzled you feel inside. And your days feel like they’re filled with a lot of sprinting.

You’ve got work to do, corporate ladders to climb, or entrepreneurial dreams to conquer!

But your home is slowing you down — it's too disorganized to think straight. Some days it feels like the clutter has reached epic proportions.

Good news — There is a solution...!

organizing and clutter coaching for couples

You both have successful careers or businesses, but your home is feeling FAR from successful!

Your home is cluttered, disorganized, and stressing you both out

It feels like you're always cleaning up after your husband / your wife / your significant other. They have too much stuff or they just leave the little stuff they have OUT — And you can't take it anymore!

You love them so much! You respect them and support them in all their endeavors, but sometimes... Mmmm yeaaaah, sometimes.... You find yourself thinking, “What the hell...? Is he doing [that thing] just to piss me off?”

Or, maybe you’re the one who drives the other crazy, and you’re tired of being nagged. You’re tired of being told to pick up [THAT THING]! And you’re sick of the passive-aggressive comments and behavior.

You think, “What’s the big deal?! Just step around that [article of clothing] on the floor!”

You’re too busy, or maybe... you just don't know HOW to get organized and be less messy.

You’re busy all day at work or in your business and by the time you get home, you have NO energy left to clean or get organized — Hell, you can barely make dinner some nights!

You don't even know where to begin!

The clutter and disorganization is a major strain on your relationship — and you need to stop fighting about this all the time.

You've had it. You can’t live like this anymore. You’re losing patience and you feel you have reached critical mass in your home and your relationship.

You want a home that is clean and beautiful

You want a home that relaxes you, a home that gives you peace and makes you feel like you’ve got everything under control.

You want your relationship to feel more like it did when you were dating.... when you enjoyed each other’s company and had real time together.

Now is the time for organizing and clutter coaching!

Learning to live together

When you share a space with another person (especially when that other person is your husband / wife / significant other), it is an issue you BOTH have to deal with.

Growing up, there was no class in school that taught you how to be organized or how to live in peace with another person. No one sat you down at the age of 10 to share the ever-important birds... bees... and bedroom decluttering tips.

It’s time to get organized — Your relationship depends on it

How great would it feel to come home after your busy day to a home that feels like your own personal oasis!

A place that is organized and functional... clean and beautiful... filled with peace and calm.... A place where you’re able to relax and enjoy each other's company again.

You’d have the time, the energy, and the inclination to have sex more often or to be more productive and creative in your work — Yes, this coaching totally bleeds over into all areas of your life, including your work!

I will teach you how to stop procrastinating, get organized, and create new habits so you never back-slide into a chaotic, messy home again.

And if you’re not “the one with the problem,” you’ll learn the best, most-effective ways to help your disorganized partner recharge and stay focused. You’ll become more patient, interact with them differently, and learn just what to say to help them get and STAY organized!



Stop feeling overwhelmed and learn just where to start

You’ll learn small, easy steps to see big results fast. And you’ll create new habits to get ahead of the mess, discover your flat surfaces again, and stay organized forever.

Have more fun and understand each other better

You’ll have more fun together and learn to communicate better and more effectively as you get on the same page and work toward a common goal.

Guess what...? It doesn’t have to be perfect!

You’ll learn to tame your all-or-nothing perfectionism and create a space that is clean and beautiful...a space that you’ll want to hang out in.


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