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Letting go of things we’ve outgrown

I have this glow ball.
I love it.
Or at least I think I love it.
I used to love it.
Although, I never really turn it on.  
Hmmmm, do I love it?

When is the time to let go of things we've outgrown?

I guess I prefer the idea of it, rather than the actual thing itself. I imagine myself finding time at night to gaze into it. I’d be transported to a simpler time — a time when I actually had time to stare into glow balls while listening to U2 and Coltrane.

But come on...! Let’s get real...! I’m not in college anymore!

I don’t lie around until 4:00am with my friends writing poetry and staring into lava lamps while listening to U2’s The Unforgettable Fire...


I made this very short video* moments before I dropped this in the donation bag. Enjoy!

Now tell me in the comments below....

Are you hanging onto anything you may have outgrown? If so, what is it? When do you think you might be ready to let it go?

*Music: Things I Don’t Remember by Ugly Casanova