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Knowing when to let go

Farewell, Beloved Espadrilles,

I must bid you adieu!

Remember our first day together, Dear Espadrilles…?

The long hot walk across town on Delancey Street. The Man Man concert in East River Park that evening…. Do you remember? It must have been the summer of 2009… so long ago, Dear Espadrilles. Oh, you were quite unforgiving and hard that night. By the time we got back to the subway, I was hobbling with blisters.

But since that one long, harsh day in our courtship, you have been nothing but wonderful — you’ve been the best, most comfortable, and (thank you…) most flattering shoes in my closet.

We’ve had such good times. Remember the thunderstorm this spring? You got soaking-wet because I was too impatient and stubborn to stop in that café to wait out the storm. Remember how heavy you were and how you refused to stay on my feet? I just walked right out of you.

That was the beginning of the end, I’m afraid. You… we… were never the same after that day.

We tried to make it work. Even after you lost your left heel pad, we tried… yes, we tried. But then I got that terrible heel pain, remember? A heel pad… such a tiny-nothing-of-a-thing… who knew you couldn’t continue on without it? I’m sorry, Dear Espadrilles. It’s my fault too.

Now, we must say goodbye.
I’ll always remember you.

Do you know when to let go?

I’m not just talking about shoes… or those holey shirts you wear on the weekends… but that relationship… that job… or that negative feeling you carry around.

Tell me in the comments below...

What have you been keeping way beyond its expiration date?