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The reason you're procrastinating

I'm known for being productive, getting things done, and mastering time management. 

I coach people to be action-takers. I teach the tools to stop procrastinating.

But I've been…

a secret procrastinator... for two years!

Two years ago, we decided to renovate the kitchen. 

The reasons —

  • The general ugliness. The kitchen was last renovated in 1985 when the building went co-op. Imagine: green-beige oak and lots of beige Formica®.

  • The oven door never opened all the way, due to the plug being in the front-side of the oven

  • The cabinet doors were slowly falling off their hinges, and after multiple repairs, were looking a bit Walking Dead.

  • An awkward space. Whoever was doing the dishes would get trapped at the sink if the other person was cooking. Emotions (mine) would quickly escalate from, Excuse me. to Get out of my way! and MOVE IT, BUSTER!!

So again, two years ago, we made the decision to remodel the kitchen. 

That lead to —

  • Excitement: Yes, let's do it!

  • We got a killer interest rate and refinanced our mortgage, cashing out $20,000 to help with remodel expenses.

  • We vacationed in Maine and bought some famous Maine granite for a beautiful new window sill.

  • We bought new honeycomb blinds (the kind that open from the top OR the bottom... fancy, right?).

  • Then, guess what…?

Two years later...

  • We're paying 3% interest on that $20,000 that is just sitting in a low-interest mutual fund.

  • We still live in this ugly, beige Walking Dead of a kitchen. 

  • All the while, the famous Maine granite window sill and new honeycomb blinds stand propped up in the corner of the kitchen... making the space problems EVEN WORSE!!

Then, about two months ago, I accidentally kicked the not-so-new blinds over, and it hit me—

OMG — We're procrastinating!!

I was avoiding moving forward in doing the renovation because of all the excuses.

I was telling myself —

  • It's going to take too long!

  • Where are we going to live?

  • It would be too disruptive to my work!

  • The co-op board approval process is going to be a nightmare!

  • Oh, the mess! There is going to be dust EVERYWHERE!

I was afraid of the discomfort of what renovating would do to my life. But I was living in fear and discomfort NOT renovating.

Oh HELLO, fear!

These excuses were all just me avoiding the fear and discomfort

FEAR stops us from doing so much.

Once we started the project, all those fears went away! 

Once you start DOING, you see that it's not so bad...
that it doesn't take as long as you thought...
or that it's not as difficult as you thought it would be...
not as horrible!

And none of my excuses have been mind-boggling problems either. Except maybe the dust — the dust everywhere is still stressing me out a bit.

But that's OK. It’s totally fine to be a little stressed about it. We’re moving forward and that’s what matters. 

We now have new floors in the bedroom, new floors in the kitchen, a new closet, and the appliances arrive today! Yay!

So, don't let your fear (of discomfort, of the unknown, of anything) stop you from doing anything!

Now, tell me in the comments below:

What is something you've been putting off? And, why have you been putting it off — what are you afraid of?

Check out my DURING and AFTER floor pics — So scary, the during pic, right?! Now, to fix the walls. No problem. :)