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How to survive gift-giving this holiday season

Stop killing yourself trying to buy everyone “the perfect gift!”

Try this — you’ll create a more stress-free shopping experience for yourself without being “that person” who gives to charity in your friend's name or who declares it a "no gifts" year.

Here’s my easy solution — it’s what I do — and I love the holidays!

I always buy everyone on my list chocolates from my favorite vegan chocolatier in upstate New York.

Four (4) reasons this is a great solution for me:

  1. It is a consumable gift (so there’s no pressure for the recipient to have to keep it forever or display it in their home every time I come over).

  2. They're yummy — so unless your friend is “a communist” (as my father would have said), they’re going to love them!

  3. It's so friggin' easy.

  4. I may (or may not... OK, always... yes, I always...) buy some for myself too!


I can hear your protests now:

"But, Christine...! I want to give a more THOUGHTFUL gift!"


Guess what?

You can still be thoughtful about this — Here’s how, my Sweet-Grasshopper:

  • I know that my mother-in-law loves fruit in her chocolate — so she gets the Raspberries de Pizan

  • My sister-in-law absolutely HATES flavors mixed in with her chocolates (even sea salt) — therefore, no Peanut Butter Caramel with Nougat or Hazelnut Sugar Plum for her — just the pure dark chocolate stuff.

  • And for me, I love the simplicity of the Almond Slate Bark, a dark chocolate bar with almonds and a touch sea salt... I just thought it was worth mentioning, in case you’re working on your holiday list right now. ;)


I hope this sparks some gift-giving ideas for you.

Please share in the comments below —

How does this idea feel to you?
What is something that you would love to receive for the holidays?
What would you like to be “known for” giving?


Happy Holidays!!

xx, Christine