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How to keep your fridge from stinking

Start each week with a fresh refrigerator!

I do my grocery shopping on Saturdays, so every Saturday morning, I take a quick look in my refrigerator for expired food and drink. When I do this once-a-week, it takes less than 5 minutes and ensures that I don’t overbuy while at the market.  

Here’s what I had to throw out this week…. Shhh, please don’t tell the “starving children in China”

  • one (1) mealy apple
  • half a jar of applesauce  —I’m a little iffy on the expiration date of this. The jar said it was good until September 2012, but it was opened over a month ago. Anyone have any shelf-life advice on an open jar of applesauce?
  • half piece of smoked sausage  —opened two weeks ago and not smelling quite right
  • quarter bottle of Gatorade®  —leftover from that stomach flu I had a few weeks ago
  • half bottle of flat ginger ale  —also left over from stomach flu
  • one (1) dried-up lime wedge
  • one (1) completely-black avocado half  —Damn, those things go so fast! I should’ve used the lime wedge on it!
  • opened tub of Betty Crocker® Rich & Creamy Dark Chocolate frosting  —This is leftover from making a friend’s 30th birthday cake (“Hi Catherine!”). This week, that friend turned 31. I thinkguess my days of taking teaspoons of chocolate from that jar are done!


Go to your refrigerator right now!  If you’re at work, do it the moment you get home!  Open that refrigerator and find just one (1) thing that’s taking up (or stinking up) space.  Once you find one, you may find another right behind that.  It only takes a minute or two. 

Then, with a comment below, tell us what you find!

Frigidaire Refrigerator Ad
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