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Achoo… Bless You! Achoo… God Bless You! Achoo… Bless You!

photo by Waranya Mooldee

Reason to De-Clutter, No. 437—

Clutter invites dust and allergens* into your home.

Think about it— Clutter is immmmpossible to clean! 

Imagine dusting that leaning tower of Tupperware® at the end of the kitchen counter, or spraying Pledge® on that old pile of magazines and L.L.Bean catalogs, or how about vacuuming that dusty pile of scrapbooking supplies?!!  Some things are just UN-dust-able and UN-clean-able!

Having clutter in our homes is an invitation to dust bunnies!
[Please read the following with an English accent.]

Dear Dust Bunnies,

We request the honor of your presence in the corner of the entryway at 3 o'clock, Saturday afternoon. 

Your friends, the dust mites, are also welcome. 

BYOB.  Please RSVP by Friday!

It seems simple, right…?  Having less clutter makes it easier and faster to clean, helping you get back to living your life… without extra sneeze-inducing allergens!

What do you find yourself cleaning around?  For me, it can be a pile of shoes by the front door.  What is it for you…?  newspapers?  magazines?  unfolded laundry?  Share your clutter trap with us by leaving a comment below.

Thanks, and happy de-cluttering!

*Also, spiders really luuuuuuv paper clutter!