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Experiment time!

photo by Ty Carlson

photo by Ty Carlson

I have a little “assignment” for you:

Make your bed every day for the next week!*

It’s a tiny task… 
easy to do… 
a quick nothing of a thing… 
an experiment, if you will….

And it will make a dramatic difference in how you feel about your room.  A tiny straightening-up like this can make all the difference between feeling out-of-control and feeling empowered and in-control of your life!

This small thing (which takes less than 3 minutes to do) can spur you to make other positive changes as well.  

For instance, now that your bed is made, you may notice last night’s socks missed the hamper (which takes what… 3 seconds…?! Go on, throw ‘em in there!).  And you may now notice those three pairs of shoes that haven’t made it to your closet (what’s that… 1 minute (60 seconds) to put them in their place?).  And perhaps now you see the leaning tower of clean laundry piled on top of your dresser (this one… ok, it might take you 4 to 5 minutes to put them in drawers, hang them up, etc., but go on… What’s 5 minutes? ).

What else have you not noticed lately that an unmade bed has been hiding from you?

Let me know, with a comment below, if making your bed makes any difference in your mood and how you feel about your bedroom now!

*Hospital corners not required.