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My grandpa's wallet

TRUE STORY:  My 99-year-old grandfather (who, with the help of a driver, still runs his own errands) has four (4) things in his wallet:

  1. his California I.D.
  2. his Medicare card
  3. one credit card (a MasterCard)
  4. cold-hard cash


What you will not find in his wallet:

  1. an ATM card (he prefers to enter the bank instead) 
  2. an American Express card
  3. a Visa Card that gives him airline miles
  4. a Visa Card that gives him 3% cash-back
  5. a Visa Card with a 19.92% interest rate
  6. three-month-old receipts
  7. old movie and concert ticket stubs
  8. a Starbucks Card
  9. a Jamba Juice Card
  10. a DSW Style Rewards Card
  11. a Godiva Chocolate Club Card
  12. three partially stamped “Buy-10-get-1-Free” cards (all for the same store!)
  13. expired coupons to the GAP, Banana Republic, or JC Penney
  14. business cards for companies no longer in business
  15. useless 44¢ stamps (since first-class postage in the U.S. has gone up to 45¢)
  16. pictures of his adorable grandchildren…. Shocking, I know!

What unnecessary stuff are you carrying around in your wallet or purse all day??