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How to hypnotize yourself to do anything

Hypnotize yourself with audio triggers

I’m being dramatic—I don’t really want you to hypnotize yourself, or do I...?

Remember the scene above from The Manchurian Candidate

“Ring-ring-ring…. Yes?… Sergeant Shaw?… Sergeant Raymond Shaw?… Raymond Prentiss Shaw?…

BAM! That was his trigger… activating his hypnotic suggestion! 

Now, we want to do the same with ourselves—to help us motivate to clean, organize, declutter, or even eat healthier. But let’s use something fun, like music, rather than a strange, creepy phone call!



Music is affecting and can alter moods.

For instance, when I have to work, I turn on some "chill” music like Ari Hest, Band of Horses or some old Grandaddy—that tells my brain it’s time to work.

For lounging, it’s country or folk.

For exercising, top-40 dance hits.

And for organizing, I like something upbeat, fast-tempo, inspiring! 

Think about the type of music that might motivate you to clean.  Who knows…?  It may be Handel’s “Messiah” (which was my dad’s favorite!). 

In the next few days, I’ll post some of the songs that set me to cleaning and organizing. They tell my brain that it’s time to declutter, and my body just can’t do anything but! Hopefully they’ll work for you too, or you’ll find your own. 

Post a comment here and share with the world what you decide will be your “trigger” song!

And when you get to organizing that closet… let’s hope the CIA aren’t waiting for you in there!  ;)