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For Sale — Dying dreams!

I discovered this band, White Rabbits, at a music festival a few years ago. I loved their live energy, the heavy percussion, and their stage presence! As a result, I became a “super-fan” for awhile: buying their music… going to shows… stalking them outside their apartment in Brookyn…. Kidding… kidding on the stalking… really! I swear! I hate going to their part of Brooklyn. ;)

I even… here it comes… got so caught up in the energy of the music that I bought myself a very expensive, full-sized (that’s all 88 keys) keyboard: the Casio Privia PX-120 with beautifully-, perfectly-weighted keys. It feels like you’re playing a real piano!

I was convinced that if I started practicing again (I played as a kid), I could start a band like White Rabbits and be the badass keyboardist rockstar I was always meant to be! … yeaaah!

(Did anyone else hear the echo from the crowded amphitheatre when I said that?)


So I bought this crazy-expensive keyboard and practiced all the time. I even met Stephen Patterson (White Rabbits singer) at a Tokyo Police Club show — I was very excited to meet him and told him he’d inspired me to take up the piano again!

He seemed unimpressed. I didn’t take it personally since he’s a hipster and I’m pretty sure "hipster rules" forbid him from showing any emotion.

So… I practiced diligently for… let’s say… 6 months.  And then…
I don’t know…

  • I got busy
  • lost interest
  • obtained “other interests”
  • realized that I kinda sucked
  • and stopped playing

It’s been over a year since I touched the keyboard.  Oh wait!… no, I touched it last month… when I moved it from the living room to the hallway. Yet, the Casio Privia PX-120 (at almost 5-½ feet long) in a 350 square foot apartment is a little overwhelming.

So let’s talk about letting go of things: not just the physical stuff but hopes... dreams... expectations.

Why am I keeping this even though it no longer represents who I am? Am I trying not to feel bad about how much $$$ I spent on it? And if I’m going to feel bad about it, why have it staring me in the face, taking up space every day? Why not just get rid of it? Arg, but doing that means that I will never be the rockstar I dream of becoming!

I write this because I need some input, or moral support, in the selling, donating, gifting, or keeping of this thing.

Tell me in the comments below:

Have you ever bought something with great expectations and high hopes only to let yourself down a little?

Tell me about it... please. Help me get through my dying rock star dream.