Gaining Space
Coaching for a Clutter-Free Life



Feel like you’re drowning in clutter?

You’ve reached a critical mass and the task of organizing your home is insurmountable.

You're husband / wife / significant other has an entire closet filled with empty boxes.

Or they have “collections” of figurines, books, or stuffed animals.... (Yep...stuffed animals...a real thing that adults sometimes collect!)

Or you can't believe how many shoes she owns and how many of those shoes are always out all over the floor. Isn't that what the expensive shoe organizer you bought her was for?

You’re sick of nagging... and you’re tired of picking up after them. You wonder, “What can I do to get through to them?!!”

Or, maybe you're the one always losing your keys, leaving your shoes out, and collecting valuable things. You’re the one who’s the main contributor to the mess — and you don't know what to do to organize it all.

you don't know where to start.

You tell yourself you’ll tackle it when you have a free afternoon. But when that free afternoon comes, you watch a movie on Netflix.

So, you continue to be...

overwhelmed, distracted, and unfocused.

And you’re afraid this is just the way you will have to live forever.

Life doesn't have to be this way

You CAN learn to get organized.

You CAN learn to create a home that is clean and beautiful... a home that supports you and the life you want to live!

And it’s way easier that you might think!

That’s where I come in...


I'm Christine Kell

As a kid, I was in trouble with my parents A LOT — and I actually kinda LIKED being sent to my room. They thought I was being punished, but, ah-ha-haaa.... The joke was on them...! I'd get to go to my room and ORGANIZE things like my stationery drawer and my stuffed animals (of which I slept with in descending size order). Nerd!

Then when I grew up and moved into my own place, I loved reading organizing books and how to best set up my apartment and run my life. I learned Feng Shui and how our environments affect our lives, health, finances — everything!

And throughout my life, friends and co-workers had always asked my advice on getting organized and being efficient and more productive. And I loved helping them.

Then, in 2011, when the corporate office I was working in was moving everyone's offices and cubicles around, my co-workers were asking me for help in organizing the move. (NOTE: I was a book designer NOT an office manager). And I found myself staying late to work on the move instead of the book designs, because... It was so much fun, I thought I was gonna die!!

[Above sentence should be read as if it's Agnes from Despicable Me: “It's so fluffy, I'm gonna die!”]

That's when I had my “ah-ha" moment — that I was MEANT to do this!

So I started slow, working weekends as a professional organizer, going into clients’ homes and helping them organize their “stuff” — but I quickly realized that doing it for them wasn’t helping them in the long run (because their homes would quickly become cluttered again).

Here’s the thing:

There's no sense in paying a professional organizer to come into your home to swoop in and organize everything. She may leave things in clean, beautiful boxes for you, which you will enjoy immensely... for a time.


If you don't LEARN to do this stuff yourself, your home will spiral into an out-of-control mess again... just months (or even weeks) later.

That’s why I created a system to help men, women, and couples learn the important tools to organize their homes themselves. THAT is what leads to lasting results!

certified relationship coach, specializing in clutter, organization, and productivity — I’ve helped hundreds of men, women, and couples create a more organized life

I will teach you to be a more organized person and clear the crap from your life. (Yes, pun... very much intended.)

We will uncover the specific challenges that are keeping you stuck in stress and overwhelm and get you on the path to creating a life with less stuff — a life filled with more time, energy, and fun!

Here’s How it works

I work 1-on-1 with you via phone, online video, or in-person and TEACH you what to do... the necessary baby steps to see HUGE results in your homes and your relationship. You’ll receive custom solutions to your unique challenges and learn the systems to get and STAY organized.

And, bonus... I'm not scary or judgmental — In fact, ALL of my clients tell me I’m super-fun to work with.... it’s much like going to a carnival. Don’t worry, it’s like a fun carnival with popcorn, funnel cake, and Tilt-a-Whirls — No scary clowns!

And if you've read this far... and you're not coupled up —

that's OK — I help singles get organized too!



More About me

• I hit my 11,000 FitBit step goal most days (except Sundays — I tend to get lazy on Sundays).
• I live with my hot-husband in a 375-square-foot apartment in Brooklyn that I bought back in 2002 when I was single.
• I did not meet above-mentioned hot-husband until after my 40th birthday — which means I was very set-in-my-ways before we moved in together.... If I can do it, you can do it too!
• My favorite snack is a square (OK OK, it's usually 2 or 3 squares) of Alter Eco's 90% dark Super Blackout Organic Bittersweet Chocolate.
• My favorite movie is The Parent Trap (the 1961 Hayley Mills-version) — It’s “sensational!”
• Originally from central California, I used to be a swim teacher for kids ages 3-12.


And now... drum roll, please....

the Official “my Training” Section

Certified Transformational Coach

Health Coach Institute

I’m proud to be a part of the top 1% of coaches who know the secrets to creating lasting habit change in my clients.

The Transformational Coaching Method™ (TCM) Certification Training at the Health Coach Institute is an advanced professional coach skills training that combine concepts and methodologies from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), cutting-edge psychology, shadow work, family systems work, neuroscience, and spirituality. The skills I learned in the TCM Certificate and Mastery Certificate programs allow me to go deeper with my clients and get extraordinary results.


Certified Relationship Coach

Robbins-Madanes Training

This is the official coach training school of the nation's #1 life coach, Anthony Robbins, and world-renowned psychologist Cloé Madanes, an innovator in relationship and family therapy.

Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and innovative therapy techniques, this training has taught me to help my clients learn to direct their own brains and become successful at anything they set their minds to.

The curriculum focuses on guiding people to overcoming their fears, improve their health, habits, and energy, and enhance their relationships.

It has taught me to help my clients break their destructive patterns and activate their internal drive for success. They move forward in positive ways and get faster results!


Essential Feng Shui® Practitioner

The Western School of Feng Shui™

Essential Feng Shui® is the study of how to arrange your environment to enhance your life. This school, with coursework created by bestselling author and renowned feng shui expert, Terah Kathryn Collins, offers the highest standard and most comprehensive Feng Shui education available in the United States.

I'm happy to incorporate the many skills I have learned in this training to my coaching and feng shui practice. Techniques, such as using:

  •     the 5 elements,
  •     yin & yang,
  •     the ancient Bagua map,
  •     ch'i flow and ch'i enhancements, and
  •     space clearing

These practices have benefited my clients in many ways: from getting a surprise marriage proposal from the man of her dreams, improving stressed love relationships, and enjoying deeper, better sleep. One of my clients even used feng shui to increase the wealth in her life — she made a simple feng shui adjustment and received a surprise work bonus just one week later!