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About Me

I'm Christine Kell, a certified life coach specializing in clutter and organizing. I'm here to teach you to be a more organized person, to uncover the specific challenges that are keeping you stuck in stress and overwhelm, and to get you on the path to creating a life with less stuff — a life filled with more time, energy, and fun!

I started this journey, back in 2011, as a professional organizer, going into my clients' homes and helping them organize their “stuff” — and I quickly realized that doing it for them wasn’t helping them in the long run (as their homes would quickly become cluttered again).

I discovered that when we let our homes, our work, and our schedules get overstuffed, there’s usually deeper “stuff” (yes, pun intended) going on that we need to look at before new habits can stick.

So, I went back to school and got my master-level coaching certification — and that’s when I began to use my skills to “teach a man to fish” (as my grandfather used to say). Since that time, I’ve taught hundreds of men, women, and couples how to get organized and out of the stress and overwhelm of their busy lives so they can enjoy more peace, calm, and freedom every day.

And the reason I’m so passionate about helping professional men and women like you…?

Well frankly, I’m a recovering “workaholic” myself! I know the struggles you're going through to keep balance in your life. I’ve juggled more than one job or business since college (I still do!), but now I do it without working 50-60 hours per week, skipping lunch, or losing my temper every day. And I’d like to help you learn the tools to do this too, because none of us should sacrifice our happiness or let life pass us by because we’re “too busy.”

If you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them:  ckell[at]

Let's create a life with more space!