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What would you grab in a fire?

I found one of my favorite romcoms on TV this week: Leap Year. I used to have a thing for actor Matthew Goode… especially with that beard and Irish accent… Swwwooooon!

Anyway… I digress.

In the movie, Matthew Goode, plays a grumpy Irishman in need of money to save his pub. So, for €500, he drives stuck-up control-freak American Amy Adams to Dublin. They hate each other (as do all good romcom couples at first). She thinks he’s a brute, and he thinks she’s shallow when he asks her…

“If your house was on fire, and you had 60 seconds, what would you take?”

She didn’t know. (Remember, she’s stuck-up and shallow at this point.)

Later, his answer to the same question:

“My mother’s Claddagh ring. You know, the ones with the two hands holding the crowned heart.”

Aww, isn’t that sweet?

***SPOILER ALERT*** In the end, after she gets the rich doctor (not Matthew Goode) and the fancy apartment in Boston, she realizes she doesn’t want any of it. She loves my boy Matthew! So she travels 3,000 miles back to Ireland (very romantic-like) and tells him…

“When my 60 seconds came around, I realized I had everything I ever wanted but nothing I really needed.”

Yeaaaah… what she really needed was a little Matthew Goode… BAM!

Here it is… the obvious question—

What do you really need? What is one thing you would grab in a fire?

Another important (and telling) question…

What would you not grab? What would you be okay with seeing go?

Tell us in the comments below.

Noticing these things can help you in your decluttering process now — If you’d be okay seeing it go in a fire… Why wait?*

*I’m not suggesting you set your house on-fire. I mean, get rid of it now by donating it to your favorite charity. ;)